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Photo: Glen Carrie, Unsplash

AGM report back

Congratulations to the regional chairs and vice-chairs who were voted in at our recent AGM.

This year’s AGM was a first: never in the history of RMI or MWI have we held a virtual AGM where committee members were elected virtually, but given the restrictions that persist during this time of Covid, online platforms provided a practical solution that helped members of all five regions get together.

It was wonderful to see all the old faces, along with some new ones. Our high participation rate was proof indeed that our members have embraced virtual platforms. Thank you all very much for this show of support.

The meeting was extremely productive: we elected chairs and vice-chairs for each of our five regions, along with new committees to support these appointments. We also appointed a regional training rep for each area, in line with our recent observation that we need to place more emphasis on training. 

I was greatly encouraged to see that significantly more women and people of colour have been voted into key positions. This is a heartening sign that we are on track to meeting our goals of industry transformation and inclusiveness. 

Congratulations to all appointees, as well as our new national chair and vice-chair, who were elected at the National Executive Committee AGM.

MIWA NEC Chairperson: Dewald Ranft
MIWA NEC Vice Chairperson: Deon Goch

Western Cape
Chairperson: Deon Goch
Vice Chairperson: Eric van der Merwe

Eastern Cape
Chairperson: Jack Finn
Vice Chairperson: Teresa Spenser-Higgs

Chairperson: Dhaya Naidoo
Vice Chairperson: Shaldon Pillay

Central Region
Chairperson: Andrea Bogner Botha
Vice Chairperson: Nathaniel Lesenyego 

Free State & Northern Cape
Chairperson: Dewald Ranft
Vice Chairperson: Bruno Burri