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Tesla. Photo by David von Diemar, Unsplash.

Are you ready for the future?

What’s going to happen to your workshop when BEVs start becoming more common? Read more here to find ways to remain relevant as our industry evolves.

Did you know that, by 2033, more than half the cars sold around the world will be battery electric vehicles (BEVs)?

That has significant implications for us in the service aftermarket – even here in South Africa, where despite the fact that the trend is slower to take off, it is still evident. That’s because servicing BEVs is less time-consuming, and therefore less profitable.

What does this mean for mechanics?
On the one hand, South Africa’s aftermarket is protected to a certain extent because of slow vehicle sales. Consequently, many of the cars on the road are older models and therefore require more maintenance. Also standing in our favour is the popularity of hybrid models, rather than BEVs.

Nonetheless, it is a good idea for workshop owners to equip themselves for a future in which BEVs are far more common. One way to do this is by reimagining your business model and by joining forces with other potential stakeholders.

At the same time, it’s important to consider career development paths in areas that have yet to be fully exploited. Roles such as gasoline specialist, diesel specialist, and diagnostic specialist deserve further exploration at this point, as they may offer opportunities going forward. Explore other areas where your workshop may benefit by diversifying.

For more information and ideas in this regard, be sure to read MIWA’s latest article in Automobil magazine, where we discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with staying relevant in an evolving aftermarket.