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Photo: Nikko Macaspac, Unsplash

Avoid the year-end slump

As the year winds down, many of us are battling with a lack of energy and enthusiasm. These simple strategies may provide motivation.

With just two months left of an extremely difficult year, it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to December and the promise of a little time off. The thing is, those two months can feel like a century. If you’re feeling as though you’ve run out of energy and simply can’t find the motivation to keep going, you may find the following tips useful:

Photo: Danielle MacInnes, Unsplash

Don’t put things off. Tempting though it is to give in to your slump and put off tasks until tomorrow, you’ll regret your ever-lengthening to-do list. You’ll also find that completing a task gives you a burst of satisfaction that carries you through to the next deadline – so, make your day more manageable by prioritising your tasks and planning the day ahead, creating time slots for each task. If you have a definite but flexible schedule, you may feel more inspired to keep moving.

Photo: Brooke Lark, Unsplash

Take care of yourself. This is a mantra you’ve heard many times before, but there’s a reason it’s so clichéd. If you’re tired or not fueling your body correctly, you’re bound to feel lethargic and lack energy. Simply getting eight hours of sleep, eating a balanced diet, and staying hydrated during our hot summer should help.

Photo: Jeff Sheldon, Unsplash

Clear away clutter. If ‘stuff’ has accumulated in your workspace during the year, it can have a negative effect on your attitude. Tidying your desk can be a symbolic action that gives you room to think clearly and feel refreshed.

Photo: RawPixel

Take time out. Your lack of ‘get up and go’ is entirely understandable. If you’re simply not able to push on, don’t. You may feel more enthusiastic about tackling tomorrow if you’ve had a break.