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Photo: Blue Ox Studio, Pexels

Beware water damage

Tips to help motorists avoid the damage wrought by wet weather damage conditions.

While South Africa’s dams may be welcoming the rains brought by Cyclone Eloise, motorists’ cars certainly aren’t. Puddles of rain left on the road can impact vehicles in many ways, particularly if it affects the engine control unit or gearbox control unit. For example, if water enters the electronic components, the engine is likely to stall; similarly, if water is sucked into an engine, it can cause a hydro lock, which causes expensive damage to the engine’s inner working.  

Here is some advice you can offer your customers, to help their cars weather the rainy season:

  • Don’t let the water collect under your wipers, as it may drip into the car’s engine control unit, causing engine damage. Cleaning under-cowl panels and water draining systems can help prevent this.
  • Slow driving on wet roads can prevent dangerous aqua-planing.
  • Be wary driving over puddles, which may be deeper than you thought.
  • Fast-flowing low water bridges are a potential hazard. A car can be swept downstream by just six inches of water.
  • Watch out for potholes caused by rain, which can damage your vehicle rims, tyres, and alignment.
  • Keep your headlights on when driving in rain or mist, switching on your hazard lights if visibility is especially poor.
  • Rain and slow driving go hand in hand. Remember to increase your following distance.