Second Moto Mech a stunning success


More than 1 000 car enthusiasts and people curious about the motor industry attended the second edition of Moto Mech, hosted at Newton Technical High School in Port Elizabeth on 22 February.

This represents an increase of 50% on last year’s attendance figures, according to event organiser Bridget Finn of Finn Auto Repairs – and many more would have visited the show, had they not been deterred by strong winds and inclement weather.

The HaynesPro stand.

Those who braved the gales were rewarded with an experience that garnered outstanding feedback. Finn reveals that comments included “Congratulations on an excellent show which was a huge success. The growth compared to the first show last year was excellent”; “Was an awesome show” and “It was amazing”. One of the exhibitors said, “We thoroughly enjoyed the show and it definitely brought feet through the doors at the shop.” Motor Mech raised R7 000 for Newton Technical High School through ticket sales.

Motor Mech a huge success including raising R7 000 for Newton Technical High School through ticket sales.
Students from Newtown Technical High School.
Plenty of fun for all at Moto Mech.
Displays and prizes. The display of Classic Cars (shown in the main image at the top of this page) delighted all!

“There was something for everyone, with highlights including the classic, custom and dealer cars. There were even quad bikes, motor bikes and tractors and an electric car on display. There was also a huge variety of exhibitors from all different sectors of the motor industry – parts and tool suppliers, parts manufacturers, MIWA workshops and Motor Health, among others,” says Bridget.

The competitions drew an enormous amount of interest, too, with guests flocking to see the school and qualified mechanics in action. Prizes were sponsored by MISA, GUD Filters, Motor Health, MerSeta and various parts suppliers.

For Peter van Mosseveld, who also played a pivotal role in organising Motor Mech, the school competition stood out because, for the first time, a female student mechanic took part. “We’d love to see more women in the industry, taking on roles besides service advisor – and the participation of Christine Hancock is definitely an encouraging sign,” he comments. 

Christine Hancock, the only female participant in the School Mechanical Competition.
Creighton Corris, the winner of the School Mechanical Competition.

Peter also applauded the showcase for highlighting different aspects of the industry. “It was fantastic to be able to shed a spotlight on hobbies associated with the motor industry, and we intend to grow this area in the future,” he says. He was equally enthusiastic about the inclusivity of the show: “For example, we were visited by an unemployed gentleman who makes wire cars. He was able to make over R1 000 by selling his cars at Motor Mech. We found that extremely heartening.”

Peter Mosseveld, the MIWA representative who helped arrange the show with Bridget Finn.

He’s looking forward to the show’s next instalment, which takes place at Port Rex High School in East London (date to be confirmed). “Our goal is to grow Motor Mech every year, so that we can show people just how multi-faceted and exciting this industry is.”

Conrad Kapp, Hannes Crafford, Dewald Kapp and Jean-Pierre Shuin from Newton Technical High School

The appearance of Craig Pannell, an avid collector of miniatures and other rare collectables, was a definite draw card at the event. He now has more than 30 000 items in his collection, many of which are extremely rare.  “The obsession grabbed me when my mother was throwing out some of my old toys back in 1992. I love to collect things and my collection is now big enough to fill a museum,” Pannell says. He has 8 000-9 000 model cars at home and 6 000 comics, in amongst other collector items. Key pieces include a very rare Meccano No 10 Outfit, dating back to 1959, as well as a workable Meccano piston engine.

Jakkie Olivier, RMI CEO, with Craig Pannell.

Competition Commission Guidelines


The introduction of Competition Commission draft guidelines will, if published in their current form, open the market substantially and create meaningful cost savings for consumers, without compromising on quality and service.

The guidelines represent the culmination of six years of hard work and lobbying on MIWA’s behalf to allow consumers to have their cars serviced, maintained and repaired at a workshop of their choice during the period of the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is important, because it opens opportunities to aftermarket small and medium enterprises, giving us a chance to grow the industry while providing employment and income streams.

This is precisely why we have invested so much time and effort in our Right to Repair Campaign, which we launched in 2010 after consultation with experienced players in Europe and North America. Following a disappointing response from major motor vehicles, we elected to introduce R2RSA (Right to Repair South Africa) as a non-profit company which encompasses the entire South African aftermarket. A very big thank you goes to the Tier 1 sponsors of the campaign, whose efforts helped to bring about change: Autoboys, Mahle, Gud, AutoZone, ZF Aftermarket, Champion Lubricants, Diesel-Electric, Fram, Hella, Safeline, Temot, Indy Oil, Bosch Service, Samuels Service, Monroe, E-car and TEPA.

Our role in providing accreditation and grading to workshops has also been critical, ensuring that aftermarket workshops have the required skills to service customers. 

In view of our ongoing efforts in this area, we are delighted with the Competition Commission’s long-awaited decision, and look forward to its positive impacts on the industry’s growth.

You can read more about the Guidelines: click here

Workshops who would like to work with us in the R2R campaign are invited to make a once-off donation of R500. We would like to thank those members that have already pledged their support.  For those that want to join or contribute to this very worthwhile campaign, please contact Elizabeth Le Roux on or call 087 110 0848.

Collaboration Roadshows: a step in the right direction


In 2020, we’re working to ensure that all associations have a 20/20 view of our industry, while returning the original aims of the RMI when it was first established more than 100 years ago. Back then, the organisation focused entirely on commercial factors – a view that we have returned to, albeit with the enhanced understandings of modern best business practice encapsulated in the New Thinking Model.

The Gauteng roadshow was held in OR Tambo Protea Hotel and was  well attended by 90 delegates from MIWA, ARA and TEPA .

With this in mind, MIWA, TEPA and ARA – which cumulatively account for more than 80% of South Africa’s aftermarket industry – have come together, finding common ground and values, while embracing innovations by moving into the digital space.

MIWA, ARA and TEPA had a combined meeting on the 18th of February at the Old Grey Club in Port Elizabeth. The meeting was well attended with presentations from all three Associational Directors.  and the Association Directors from MIWA, ARA en TEPA did their associational presentations.

This requires ensuring that MIWA, TEPA and ARA websites embrace the same look and feel, which makes for easier navigation and facilitates the easy exchange of information and data. We are, furthermore, digitizing messaging services, social media, podcasts, webinars and e-commerce trading opportunities.

About 50 members attended the Western Cape Road show in spite of the draining heatwave in Cape Town .

Ultimately, by leveraging our synergies, we’re making it possible to help grow each other’s businesses; a process which will be further enhanced by Participation, Engagement, Involvement and Facilitation. 

George Jacovidas, Chairman of RMI KZN Region along with Pieter Niemand, Dhaya Naidoo, Chairman of the MIWA KZN Region and Jakkie Olivier.

Every member has a responsibility to play in the team space and to support fellow members wherever possible. This will move our organisation, and the associations, into the next era of relevance and growth.

Teresa and David from D & T Servicing attended the PE roadshow all the way from East London .

Training with DRIV


MIWA Training representative for the Border region, Cliffie Jacobs of Cliffie’s Auto Repairs initiated an insightful and useful training session with Hedley Woolley of DRIV.

MIWA Training Officer Cliffie Jacobs of Cliffie’s Auto Repairs with Hedley Woolley from DRIV .

Hedley made his way from Bloemfontein to host the complimentary workshops, which took a ‘back to basics’ approach, focusing on braking systems, engine expertise, suspension issues and servicing. “The idea was to refresh these critical skills with a practical demonstration, which is always the most effective way of learning,” says Cliffie, noting that the training was immensely useful. “We often come across problems that are difficult to diagnose. The knowledge shared by Hedley will make these issues much easier to identify, going forward.” 

DRIV Training at D&T Servicing in East London.



MIWA’s NEC recently appointed Wipcorp Project Management to audit members as part of the MIWA grading process. The grading process is intended to evaluate the relevance of members’ workshops, offer guidance for upliftment and enhance credibility. This not only ensures that workshops are prepared for unannounced audits by the DOL and other relevant bodies; it also means that consumers and business alike feel confident when dealing with the aftermarket workshop.

Wipcorp Project Management has more than 100 years’ collective experience in the automotive, construction, manufacturing and engineering fields, and prides itself on offering a solutions-oriented approach intended to strengthen businesses by ensuring compliance with industry standards. Implementation of audits conducting by Wipcorp will commence on 1 April 2020 and members can expect unannounced visits by independent consultants based in the different regions. 

Diesel Electro Centre awarded a 5 Star Grading. Pieter presenting the certificate to Nereen Hansraj.
Bogner Motors’ team with their 5 Star Grading certificate.
Car Service City awarded 5 Star Grading.

Congratulations also go to:

  • Super Service in Rustenburg
  • Voortrekker Value Service in Gezina

Community stories

Christine Hancock in the Competition

Visitors to Motor Mech couldn’t help but take notice of Christine Hancock, the only female participant in the School Mechanical Competition.

Christine Hancock being interviewed.

Christine knew from the time she was 10 years old that she wanted to be a mechanic. “I’m a daddy’s girl. I love anything I can take apart and put back together,” she explains. That includes engines, which is why she enrolled to study mechanical technology at Newton Technical High School.

Although there are seven other girls in her class, Christine says she still has to fend off comments from her male classmates who believe she doesn’t know as much as they do. “It’s frustrating, but I don’t let it get to me because I’m confident. I know my stuff.”

Christine Hancock with Jakkie Olivier, CEO of RMI.

She maintains that any woman would benefit from learning more about her car, as this would lessen her reliance on mechanics (or even her husband) should anything go wrong. After all, what could be more empowering than knowing how to fix a broken-down car?

Her advice to other women interested in entering the industry? “Hang in there. You will face criticism, but remember you have all the knowledge and skills you need.”

The competition was won by Creighton Corris, a learner at Newton Technical High School.

Winner Creighton Corris with Jakkie Olivier.

Positive publicity


A big congratulations to Evergreen Motors in KwaZulu-Natal. This MIWA member so impressed a client that he was moved to post a positive comment on Hello Peter, a customer service website. Thank you for flying the MIWA flag, Ravi and team! 

Excellent, honest and high-quality service from Ravi and the team at Evergreen Motors in Stanger

On 24 December while on holiday in Zinkwazi, my Mercedes Benz broke down and I was referred to Evergreen Motors. From the very first phone call, Ravi Komal was professional and courteous. After arriving at the workshop, Ravi made a point of first showing me the workshop. I have never seen a workshop so clean and tidy in my entire life! After investigating the cause of my car troubles, Ravi explained everything to me in detail and offered to provide me with at least three options for the repairs. The quote he provided was detailed and structured to allow me to easily compare the options while understanding the parts and labour costs of each option. He also provided me with honest and accurate advice on which option he would recommend. During the repair, Ravi kept me updated with photos and videos. Finally, when I collected my vehicle from Evergreen Motors, Ravi took his time to explain the invoice to me, with reference to the original quote. He also took the time to explain the vehicle diagnostics and performed some final checks to ensure that my vehicle was 100% ready for my trip back to Gauteng. The cherry on top for me was the phone call I received from Ravi on Saturday afternoon, 5 minutes after arriving back home from Gauteng, just to confirm that I arrived home safely and that everything was fine with my vehicle. Thank you Ravi and Evergreen Motors for your excellent and professional service, and the high-quality work you performed on my vehicle. I will definitely recommend Evergreen Motors to everyone.

Welcome to new members


We are always excited to welcome new members to MIWA – your participation in our ever-growing association is an encouraging sign of the industry’s dedication to professionalism.

This month, we’re pleased to have the following workshops join us:

  • Huria DKG Fleet Solution
  • Power Dynamite
  • One Stop Auto Centre
  • Gamahlako Investment
  • Michanic
  • Steering and Mechanical Wizard
  • The Big Friendly Giant
  • Vag Spec Centre Zeerust
  • Autotech

Director’s Desk February 2020


Reading about the happenings in this month’s newsletter, it’s clear that there’s a lot of positive change afoot.

We’ve seen the entry of the first female student mechanic in Motor Mech’s School Mechanical Competition, signalling a burgeoning , and much welcome, interest in the industry from women. 

We’ve also seen the introduction of draft guidelines from the Competition Commission that speak to our six-year-old Right To Repair campaign – an extremely positive development which is certain to bolster the growth of the industry.

And we have seen the first of our Collaboration Roadshows creating a platform for industry members to discuss the new alliance between MIWA, TEPA and the ARA.

It adds up to an encouraging sign that our industry is on the right track, and that we can expect further developments that take us forward.

Pieter Niemand, MIWA National Director