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MIWA partners with Fury Training Academy

In our quest to advance skills development in the sector, MIWA is always on the lookout for initiatives with the potential to increase the standard of competency among our workers. We’re pleased to announce the newest such initiative, which sees the Fury Training Academy providing training to MIWA members.

To access this training, workshop owners in Gauteng were required to complete a  letter of intent for a discretionary grant which Fury Training Academy could then submit on their behalf to MerSETA. 

Successful workshops are able to either train their own apprentice/s or ask the Fury Training Academy to identify the candidates for them. 

All training is aimed at upskilling workers as diesel mechanics, motor mechanics or auto electricians. Training starts with a one-month induction period at the academy’s premises, where both theoretical and practical training is provided once the grant has been approved. 

All apprentices taking part in the training will receive a logbook along with the required learning materials, personal protective equipment, and a tool kit. A stipend will be paid to the apprentices for the duration of the training. All of this is covered by the grant.

Following the initial component of the programme, apprentices will be placed at an employer’s workplace for six months to complete their training, after which they will return to the Fury Training Academy for revision and final assessment. The entire process takes 30 months.

We look forward to welcoming the newly qualified apprentices after their training and seeing the positive impact of this comprehensive programme on our industry.

Introducing Movery

One of the advantages of using a MIWA accredited workshop is, of course, the superior service offered. This is one of our promises to customers; however, we can only fulfil that promise if we are certain of the quality of our service. This is why constant assessment and evaluation are critical.  Ideally, we would like to encourage all workshops to include an independent Customer Satisfaction Index system. We believe this will substantially improve their chances of achieving a five-star grading score during the MIWA grading process.

The Ace System by Movery is available to make this task easier. This tool uses feedback gleaned from customers via WhatsApp to provide insight into their experiences. This feedback is saved in a monthly report, which includes customer satisfaction scores, fix-right-first-time rates, net promoter scores, and client-comment summaries.  There will be a monthly fee of R580 ex VAT for the tool.

Having reviewed and tested the system, the MIWA National Executive Committee is excited by its potential to help us manage client feedback efficiently. This is especially important in an era where negative comments on social media can severely impact attitudes towards a workshop: the Ace System makes it possible to find out about poor customer experiences, and address them before they appear on public platforms. 

If you would like to find out more about Movery’s offering visit their website or sign-up online by clicking here.


Countdown to Motor Mech

Motor Mech is always an exciting event on the MIWA calendar, giving us an effective platform for promoting our industry among the country’s youth. Since the Covid pandemic forced us to put the event on hold for the past two years, we are thrilled to announce that the East London Motor Mech Show will take place on Youth Day, June 16 – an appropriate date indeed.

The show will be hosted at Port Rex High Technical High School, which has played an instrumental role in planning the event. We are very grateful for the enthusiasm and support shown by this special partner.

Representatives from the dynamite team responsible for putting the event together. From left: Cliffie Jacobs, Cliffies Auto (MIWA Eastern Cape training rep); Teresa Spenser Higgs, D&T Servicing (MIWA Eastern Cape Vice-Chair); Tim Kirby, Marketing, Port Rex Technical High School; and Ettienne Theron, Principal, Port Rex Technical High School.

Three years of careful planning have culminated in a show agenda, including highlights such as the Junior Motor Mech Competition, where we invite contestants to answer questions and practical tasks based on the Electude system currently used by our apprentices. Students from Port Rex and Alphendale have been invited to take part in this competition, standing the chance to win fantastic prizes from our suppliers.

Look out for new car displays from fellow NADA members, as well as vintage car and bike displays from local clubs. Affiliated role players like Motohealth and MerSETA will be showcasing their brands, and we’re also hosting food stalls and a kiddies’ play area, with a local DJ creating a festive atmosphere and lucky draws taking place throughout the day. 

We invite all MIWA members to participate in the show: setting up a stand not only gives you the opportunity to educate members of the public about your offering but also allows you to meet potential apprentices. Your presence at Motor Mech also makes it possible for MIWA to build our profile and educate motorists about the benefits and advantages of using a MIWA accredited workshop.

We’re looking forward to seeing the Motor Mech Show becoming an annual event.


All about Autoboys

Every month, we shed the spotlight on one of the Top Tier sponsors of the Right to Repair campaign. This month, we’re learning more about Autoboys.

Established in 2010, Autoboys provides automotive glass, parts, and paint solutions to the insurance industry as well as body repair shops, mechanical workshops, and individual customers. We service over 290 insurance partners, 70 outlets, and 169 fitment vehicles. 

With African Rainbow Capital as our majority shareholder, Autoboys is South Africa’s only national glass and parts provider to have a Level 1 B-BBEE rating. Autoboys’ focus on technology, sales, parts matching, forecasting, fitment expertise, and customer service has further seen the business leading the way by unseating many entrenched providers in South Africa. Autoboys also partners with many top brands, including the likes of GlasWeld, Nexa Autocolour, Norton by Saint Gobain, Mahle, and TRW.

Filum HO, CEO of Autoboys and the Vice-Chair of Right to Repair.

Filum Ho, the CEO of Autoboys and the Vice-Chair of Right to Repair, believes that organisations such as Right to Repair are crucial when it comes to levelling the playing field in the local automotive industry. That’s why Autoboys is a Tier 1 member and vocal supporter of Right to Repair South Africa (R2RSA).

Ho says: “Having worked in the SA automotive industry for the past 16 years, I am extremely proud to be part of Right to Repair. In these economically challenging times, we all need to play our part in helping build an inclusive economy that creates jobs. Many studies have shown that SMEs account for 60–70% of all jobs in most developed countries. I fully support all and any efforts to create a free competitive economy that nurtures the development of these businesses.”

What our workshop owners are up to…

We love hearing what our workshop owners get up to when they’re not helping customers – like this story of how Lance Kettles of AMS Kettles Automotive Mechanical Services refurbished a caravan that seemed to have had its day. 

Lance purchased the caravan because he wanted his son to enjoy the same wonderful camping experiences he’d shared with his own father, which remain some of his happiest memories. But, having bought the vehicle in January, he didn’t have much time to fix it up before the family took their trip just one month later – especially since the caravan had wood rot and essentially needed a total rebuild.

Luckily, Lance had some experience in this area: before he started his workshop, he had owned a cabinet making company. This meant he had all the skills to replace all inside panelling. Even so, the job was a big one: Lance had to sand and blast all inside panels and install windows. He also replaced all canvas around the roof, installed a new floor, hung fresh wallpaper and repainted the entire caravan. It was hard work: Lance was working 17-hour days at the workshop, then spending all his downtime on the caravan. It took a lot of sacrifices, he admits, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for his wife’s help in looking after his son.

The effort was well worth it, though. Lance believes in doing everything himself because that means he knows it’s been done properly. If he doesn’t have a particular skill, he’ll learn it. 

The caravan was completed in time for the family’s holiday – the first of many happy trips together, making memories that will last a lifetime.

MIWA members supporting their communities

We’re always proud to hear of MIWA members supporting their communities. This month, we’re applauding Steve’s Auto Clinic, which is once again hosting its annual dog food donation drive.

This is the third year the workshop has asked for donations of dog food from the public; a project which started after workshop owner Gareth Hudd adopted a pit bull, with another rescue pup joining the workshop family a year later. The dogs are now an integral part of the workshop team, spending every day there.

Gareth explains that the workshop matches every kilogram of food donated by the public, and distributes the food among needy dog shelters.

To find out how you can help, contact Gareth on 041 372 2301

Kudos also go to Craig Rosslee, Rui Alves and Tyrone McCarthy of RMH Service Centre, who established City Kings FC to teach underprivileged children football skills while getting them off the street.

Tyrone explains that the idea came about over lunch with Rui and Craig. All three have a great love of soccer, not to mention outstanding track records. Craig is a former professional player and coach, while Rui is also a former player and manager, and Tyrone plated at the highest level in the amateur division. “We saw this as an opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air to South African football,” Tyrone says.

The club, which was set up six months ago, is open to boys throughout the Western Cape, aged seven to 18, and has started gaining enormous momentum. 

“City Kings is not just another football club. It is a business with a vision to feed, educate and guide today’s youth so that they can become successful in their future endeavours. Football is about discipline, focus and commitment – the fundamental tools you need to get ahead in today’s world,” Tyrone says.

The club is supported by major sponsors McCarthy’s Auto Trimmer, and PRTUMA, while Coca-Cola, and Renault SA have also stepped in. However, the team is always grateful for sponsors who can provide kits, on-the-ground signage, breakfast and feeding schemes. “This is especially important, as we ensure the kids have a meal at practices as well as on match days,” says Tyrone, adding that this is one of the aspects that makes City Kings FC unique. Transport is also required for children on match days and training days.

You can read more by visiting their website or following them on Facebook. You can also contact them by email: admin@citykingsfc.co.za

Cementing your social connections

With Mother’s Day coming up, many of us are preparing to celebrate the special ladies in our lives. It’s a day to make the most of family connections – but did you know that honouring those connections regularly can be good for your health? That’s because spending time with people we care about helps to lower anxiety and depression while energizing us and even boosting immunity.

Here’s how to strengthen your connections every day:

  • Be here, now: It’s easy to let your mind wander during a conversation, but giving someone your full attention is one of the easiest ways to make them feel that you value them. Be fully present in every conversation.
  • Try to empathise: it’s not always easy to understand what someone else is going through, but the effort to connect with their emotions is always appreciated.
  • Schedule quality time: Sure, you can ‘just hang out’ with someone – but does that really make any contribution to your relationship? Make a real effort to create situations where the people you love can be the sole focus of your attention, doing things together that you both enjoy.

Why professionals are best

Given the financial pressures motorists currently face, it’s tempting to sort out vehicle issues at home – especially since it takes nothing more than a quick Google search to find a tutorial that may help eager DIYers fix the problem.

It’s worth noting, though, that this could compromise future insurance claims and place the car’s warranty in jeopardy. What’s more, even people who have a special affinity for mechanical tasks should leave serious issues to the professionals. These include fixing bodywork and paint, as motor body repairs and spray painting are both time-consuming and costly – especially if the job is botched. Computer and electrical repairs are also best left to experts, given the complexity of electric wiring in a car. Just one error can undermine the safety of the vehicle. Windscreen replacement, too, is a specialised job: unless the right tools and adhesives are at hand, the job won’t be done properly, and the safety of all within the car will be compromised. Trying to fix a fuel system without the right know-how may present the risk of fire damage, which is why the replacement of parts like fuel pumps, tanks, injectors, rails or pressured lines is the domain of experienced mechanics – as is the replacement of brake pads and rotors, especially on newer models. Finally, it’s best to ask a professional to repair an electronic ignition, because any mistakes can lead to extra damage.

MIWA in the media, April 2022

MIWA has enjoyed another good month in terms of media coverage. Our articles are regularly reported across most of the community and daily papers nationally. This is great for business and gives our customers peace of mind.  Here are a few articles that were published:

Mid South Coast Rising Sun
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Middleburg Observer
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Pretoria Rekord
To DIY is good – but what if you can’t?

Randburg Sun
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Dealer Floor Motor Industry News
Worcester welcomes its first female apprentice

Bedfordview and Edenvale News
Towing a trailer, boat or caravan this Easter – here’s what you need to know

Automotive Business Review (ABR)
Towing a trailer, boat or caravan this Easter – here’s what you need to know

From the Director’s Desk, April 2022

Our thoughts are with you.

It seems as though South Africa is destined to face one challenge after another. Having pulled through the Covid pandemic and overcome the damage caused by last year’s riots, our latest trial came in the form of the deadly floods in KwaZulu-Natal.

While it’s truly devastating to hear of homes washed away, infrastructure completely eroded and families going without electricity and water for months, it is only when you see the pictures of the carnage that you realise the true impact of this disaster.

Many of our workshops have been affected, and we stand with all KZN MIWA members as they strive to rebuild their enterprises. With grading currently taking place within the province, we are giving all workshops which are trying to fix damage brought about by the storms up to three months to get their premises in order. Rest assured that your accreditation will not be changed during this time.

Know, too, that while this has put all our courage and mettle to the test, we will rise – just as we have done so many times in the past. Our thoughts are with all of these members during a difficult and unprecedented crisis.

Pieter Niemand,
MIWA National Director