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Cementing your social connections

Your social connections have a positive benefit on your wellbeing. Read this tip on how to nurture your relationships.

With Mother’s Day coming up, many of us are preparing to celebrate the special ladies in our lives. It’s a day to make the most of family connections – but did you know that honouring those connections regularly can be good for your health? That’s because spending time with people we care about helps to lower anxiety and depression while energizing us and even boosting immunity.

Here’s how to strengthen your connections every day:

  • Be here, now: It’s easy to let your mind wander during a conversation, but giving someone your full attention is one of the easiest ways to make them feel that you value them. Be fully present in every conversation.
  • Try to empathise: it’s not always easy to understand what someone else is going through, but the effort to connect with their emotions is always appreciated.
  • Schedule quality time: Sure, you can ‘just hang out’ with someone – but does that really make any contribution to your relationship? Make a real effort to create situations where the people you love can be the sole focus of your attention, doing things together that you both enjoy.