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The Bloemfontein Road show was held at the Protea Hotel Willow Lake.

Collaboration Roadshows: a step in the right direction

The first roadshows to introduce the new collaboration between MIWA, TEPA and the ARA have met with an encouraging response. More…

In 2020, we’re working to ensure that all associations have a 20/20 view of our industry, while returning the original aims of the RMI when it was first established more than 100 years ago. Back then, the organisation focused entirely on commercial factors – a view that we have returned to, albeit with the enhanced understandings of modern best business practice encapsulated in the New Thinking Model.

The Gauteng roadshow was held in OR Tambo Protea Hotel and was  well attended by 90 delegates from MIWA, ARA and TEPA .

With this in mind, MIWA, TEPA and ARA – which cumulatively account for more than 80% of South Africa’s aftermarket industry – have come together, finding common ground and values, while embracing innovations by moving into the digital space.

MIWA, ARA and TEPA had a combined meeting on the 18th of February at the Old Grey Club in Port Elizabeth. The meeting was well attended with presentations from all three Associational Directors.  and the Association Directors from MIWA, ARA en TEPA did their associational presentations.

This requires ensuring that MIWA, TEPA and ARA websites embrace the same look and feel, which makes for easier navigation and facilitates the easy exchange of information and data. We are, furthermore, digitizing messaging services, social media, podcasts, webinars and e-commerce trading opportunities.

About 50 members attended the Western Cape Road show in spite of the draining heatwave in Cape Town .

Ultimately, by leveraging our synergies, we’re making it possible to help grow each other’s businesses; a process which will be further enhanced by Participation, Engagement, Involvement and Facilitation. 

George Jacovidas, Chairman of RMI KZN Region along with Pieter Niemand, Dhaya Naidoo, Chairman of the MIWA KZN Region and Jakkie Olivier.

Every member has a responsibility to play in the team space and to support fellow members wherever possible. This will move our organisation, and the associations, into the next era of relevance and growth.

Teresa and David from D & T Servicing attended the PE roadshow all the way from East London .