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Competition Commission guidelines

With the July deadline for the Competition Commission guidelines draw near, we have drawn up a document that we hope will clear up any remaining uncertainty.

We have received a number of queries about the Competition Commission guidelines, indicating that a great deal of uncertainty remains. With this in mind, we have compiled a document that we believe will help you gain a better understanding of the guidelines and the role each member has to play in ensuring adherence. Please note, though, that this document reflects MIWA’s understanding of the guidelines, which may differ from the interpretation of other stakeholders. Nonetheless, with the deadline of 1 July fast approaching, we feel this provides a solid starting point. We will, no doubt, receive further clarity on outstanding queries as soon as the guidelines are rolled out and implementation begins. 

Please click here to access our comprehensive Q&A.

Competition Commission Guidelines for Competition in the Automotive Industry – Aftermarket Q&A document.