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Cool kids doing it for themselves

Youth Month is the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of our members’ talented children. Here's how they’re excelling...

We’ve always known that our members are smart and talented – and it turns out their kids are gifted, too. So since June is Youth Month we thought we would share two really awesome stories with you of youngsters who are doing some inspiring work.

Take Kay-Lee Goch, for example. The daughter of Deon and Karen, who own Goch and Cooper Auto Services CC, Kay-Lee is just 15 years old – but, under her DJ name Kay-Dee, she is steadily winning over audiences. Kay-Dee gets her passion for music from her father, who was also a DJ. As a child, she would watch, fascinated, as he mixed one song into another – so it was just a matter of time until she set out to develop this skill herself. After taking a few Pro DJ  courses, she was ready to take to the stage.

Kay-Dee’s natural talent is evident from her massive success: she might not yet be in matric, but she has already opened events such as the Valley of Light, where she played alongside the likes of Jack Parow and Mark Stent. She also won the Valley of Light competition in 2019. Other achievements include receiving 161 000 likes for her video, launched in March last year. Kay-Dee is planning to build on this success and travel overseas to become an international DJ once she has completed her studies.

You can watch a video of Kay-Dee in action by clicking here.
You can follow her on Facebook by clicking here; on Instagram by clicking here; and on Soundcloud here.

Photo credit: Just for Fun Photography

From the dance floor to the sports field…Twenty-five-year-old Caleb Louw’s love of rugby was sparked by his father, Allistair Louw who owns Canterbury on Clare Car Service. The pair would pass a ball every day after school, but enjoying the process of play was just the beginning: Caleb says that he relishes the pressures of the sport and the fact that you have to make hard decisions and “put it all on the line to win or lose”. Caleb says that he’s not the biggest player on the team, and many people didn’t believe he would make it – which is why, when Coach Jonathan Mokuena gave him a chance to play at Puk, he was determined to work hard and give of his best, always.

Caleb has now played at Boland Academy Week, Boland Seven Craven Week, SA Touch Boks, and the Boland Currie Cup U20 – and had many other career highlights. Caleb says he loves playing rugby because it gives him the chance to make memories, and the friendships he’s made on the field are an extra bonus. Going forward, his plans are to play for a big South African union and, one day, wear a Blitzbok or Springbok jersey. Clearly Allistair and Tania could not be prouder!!!

You can follow Caleb on Facebook by clicking here, and on Instagram here.