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Photo by Justine Alipate on Unsplash

Coronavirus: One year on

A look at the funny, crazy, and downright strange phenomena that kept us going during the pandemic year.

As we clock up Day 36-who-even-knows-any-more of lockdown, it’s almost impossible to imagine a life where only surgeons wore masks and no one knew what social distancing was. With the vaccine programme slowly being rolled out, we’re beginning to experience the first shoots of hope – but we’ve travelled a long, hard road to reach this point. Happily, there have been some humorous moments along the way – and these have surely kept us going. Who can forget:

  • Cyril’s none-too-suave demonstration of how to wear a mask (no, it doesn’t go over your eyes, Mr. President).
  • The infamous ruling against roast chicken. Who would have thought that a Sunday lunch favourite would give rise to such a hotly contested controversy?
  • The Jerusalema – South Africa’s gift of optimism to the whole world. Hands up if you did a Jerusalema Challenge? Of course you did!
  • The hilarious parodies of The Kiffness and Max Hurrell. All together now: “When you zol, you put the saliva on the paper.”
  • Online fitness classes – after you’d already worn out a path in your carpet, trying to clock up a few k’s.
  • Pineapples. Beer. Need we say more.