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Crime alert

Did you know that up to six keyless entry cards are stolen every day? Here's why this theft is on the rise, and what you can do about it.

Keyless entry for cars may be considered highly sophisticated – but these vehicles are becoming a major target for vehicle thieves. That’s not surprising, given that it takes just 30 seconds for a criminal to intercept a vehicle’s opening signal using a scanner/amplifier and data receiver/transmitter, making it possible for them to start the engine. From there, it’s a simple matter to use a jammer to prevent the car’s tracker signal from being received – and a new key for the car can be programmed within just half an hour.

With five to six keyless entry cards being stolen in this manner every day, it is imperative that car owners take steps to protect themselves and their vehicles. Several devices may help in this regard. The first is an old-fashioned steering wheel or gear stick lock; it may also help to keep the car in a fob guard or Faraday pouch which is made from materials that are able to block its signal. Another option is the electronic keyfob, which makes it impossible to intercept the key signal. This device is easy to install, easy to deactivate, and easy to store in a pocket or bag and won’t interfere with the car’s electrical system.