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Director’s Desk August 2020

Everything you need to know as we settle into a post-Covid world.

We made it! Level 2 is here, and with it, life returns to normal – almost.

Of course, there are still challenges to be faced. The South African wallet is very stretched at present, and while this brings with it a greater need for aftermarket workshops able to service older cars which are not being replaced, it also means that consumers don’t mind supporting a non-compliant workshop if it helps them save a few bucks.

In this month’s newsletter, we explore the dangers of non-compliance and what it means for the industry, while also looking at some of the rising superstars who will help us move forward.  With August being Women’s Month, we have focused on some of our amazing women that are setting our industry alight. We also take a look at how agility is the one quality we need to focus on if we are to survive the aftermath of the storm from which we have just emerged. Finally, we hope you enjoy the start of our new Region in the Spotlight feature. We are kicking off with Border and the Eastern Cape this month and seeing what has been achieved.

I hope you enjoy our August newsletter and always remember our MIWA Executive Team are there to support you every step of the way – Onward and upward.

Pieter Niemand, MIWA National Director