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From the Director’s Desk, June 2021

This month’s newsletter is all about helping you prepare for events that are shaping the industry and equipping you to add value for your customers.

This month, we’re all about preparing: preparing for the opening of the aftermarket industry on 1 July, preparing for the introduction of POPIA, and preparing for the coldest of South Africa’s winter months. 

Our lead story deals with the importance of dealing with an accredited workshop as we fast approach the implementation of the Competition Commission Guidelines. Consumers need to have peace of mind they are dealing with an accredited and trustworthy supplier.  MIWA held a number of workshops across the country this month to talk to members and answer any questions you may have. The panel is currently collating all of these questions and answers which will be forwarded to you separately.  We were so encouraged by the large attendance at each of these sessions. Members are focused and committed. We understand this is a journey and as we roll out the process post July we will learn along the way and continue to communicate and assist members wherever possible.  

We hope that you find the information and tips we have provided in this newsletter useful, and that you are also able to pass on interesting and practical guidelines to your customers so that they can get the most out of their motors. For instance, we have shed light on how they benefit from choosing an accredited workshop, when to change coolant and why a minor service differs from a major service. It’s all about adding value to the lives of our MIWA members and, of course, those who support them. 

This is another critical time for our country in terms of the unacceptably high number of Covid Positive cases, particularly in Gauteng. You would have heard the President’s address on Sunday appealing to all South Africans to stay home and keep safe. He has had no choice but to enforce far stricter lockdown regulations which hopefully will see us through this third wave. As such the RMI has also taken a decision to close its offices from 1 to 12 July. Many of us have employees, friends, or family members that are positive and may even have been hospitalised. It is not an easy time. We need to be conscious at all times of the health risks that are so prevalent.

Take care and be safe.

Pieter Niemand,
MIWA National Director