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Mechanic servicing a car. Photo: Malte Luk, Pexels.

Don’t skip your service

Need to convince your customers not to skip their service? We have all the reasons right here.

Motorists can’t be blamed for wanting to save money where they can – after all, it feels as though petrol price increases are hitting us without reprieve.

But, while some expenses may be considered negotiable, a car service is not one of them. That’s because regular maintenance is critical for the overall roadworthiness of the car, and missing even one service can lead to an accident.

It’s important to let your customers know that they should adhere to the car manufacturers’ regular service intervals – if in doubt, they can ask for your advice. Remind them, too, that no repairs will be made to their car without getting your go-ahead first, after you have quoted them on labour and parts. 

However, if they keep on driving without having a service at the correct time, they may well be behind the wheel of a car that has malfunctioning parts – something that can be corrected thanks to the thorough assessment of all components during routine maintenance, so that damage does not go on to cause further issues. 

Motorists must be reminded that services are crucial even if they don’t drive their cars very often. Oil changes are especially important because oil degrades over time – even if the car does nothing more than stay in the garage.

All told, motorists stand to spend more in the long run if they skip their annual service.