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Photo by Natalie Rhea on Unsplash

Easter road safety

Simple tips to ensure a safer Easter on the roads.

Easter means family and holidays – but with more people on the roads, accidents are inevitable. The Easter accident toll is always frightening, and yet the human errors which are at the root of most accidents are largely avoidable.

By following these tips, motorists can contribute to a safer season on the roads:

  • Make sure the car is in good working order. Headlights, indicators, shocks, tail-lights, windscreen wipers, mirrors, brakes, stop lights, steering and tyres must all be functioning optimally; the spare tyre must be ready and available, and oil and water should be checked.
  • Plan the route and make sure that you have mapped out stops to take a break and prevent fatigue.
  • Rest up the day before the trip. Further steps to avoid driver fatigue include driving with a partner who can take over when you feel tired, and stopping to rest (always in a safe spot, with the doors locked) if you find yourself yawning or battling to focus.
  • Make sure that your cellphone is fully charged and important emergency numbers have been saved.
  • Make sure that any child younger than 12 years old is sitting in the back seat.
  • Seatbelts are non-negotiable. Every single person in the car must be wearing.
  • If you can’t avoid driving in rainy weather, take precautions: allow extra following distance. Drive at a moderate speed, and avoid slamming on brakes; instead, apply gentle, firm pressure. Avoid the outside lane as far as possible, as water tends to collect. Finally, remember to switch on headlights to improve visibility.