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Photo: Chris Montgomery, Unsplash

First Virtual AGM

A report back on our first virtual AGM, which took place in October.

Our first virtual AGM (hosted on Teams) was held in October, with five regions participating. Cape Town’s meeting took place on 6 October; KwaZulu-Natal on 7 October; the Eastern Cape and Border region on 8 October; the Free State and Northern Cape on 13 October; and the Highveld and Northern Regions on 14 October.

With a number of members still adapting to online meeting technologies, we weren’t surprised that participant numbers were lower than usual. That said, those who attended agreed that this may well prove the most viable option until the world is more settled and we are once more able to meet in person. In fact, several mentioned that they felt it to be an improvement because it saved time and money.

In the meantime, we are grateful that such technologies have made it possible for us to keep in touch during the pandemic. We thank all of our members who did connect remotely and who took the time to interact and connect.