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Photo: Alex McCarthy, Unsplash

Five things your customers should know about their cars

Understanding these essentials could prevent damage to your customers’ vehicles.

Obviously, you don’t expect your customers to know everything about cars – if they did, they wouldn’t need you! However, there are so many glitches and bigger issues that could easily be avoided if they only knew a little more. Here are some of the top five things your customers need to know if they want to avoid big bills at their next service:

  • Maintenance schedules are critical. Services are like medical check-ups – sure, you could (maybe) go without them, but you’re doing more harm in the long run – and you’re likely to incur more expenses, too. A trusted, and of course MIWA-accredited workshop can help motorists avoid many of the expensive repairs that come about through neglect.
  • Warning lights shouldn’t be ignored. It’s easy to pretend that service lights or cluster messages will go away, but the opposite is true. Motorists who choose to disregard what their car is telling them are likely to damage key parts, which will be expensive to repair or replace. Any flashing light should be treated as an emergency. The motorist should stop driving the car immediately, and have the issue seen to as soon as possible.
  • Services are not negotiable. Even cars that appear to be running well may be hiding a niggle somewhere. Servicing the car regularly allows you to pick these up before they turn into major issues. Regular services also allow you, as the repairer, to focus on the different parts that need attention, according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications.
  • Cheap can be nasty. Although everyone is trying to cut costs right now, consumers should find avenues to save besides their cars. If a customer queries costs, point out that as an accredited MIWA workshop, your trained mechanics have access to all necessary diagnostic tools and can provide superior service.
  • The quality of your oil matters. Using a quality oil brand can increase the longevity of a car’s engine, while poor quality oil can lead to sluggishness. Always advise your customers if they need help choosing a brand.