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From the Director’s Desk, June 2022

This month’s newsletter is full of practical tips and advice.

If there’s one thing on our minds this month, it’s money. With most of us paying significantly more for everything – from groceries to transport and petrol – we can’t be blamed. 

That’s why, this month, we’ve tried to offer some practical advice around savings, while also providing our usual helpful tips for keeping cars in sound working order – something cash-strapped motorists are certain to appreciate, as damage often leads to expensive repairs in the long term.

In the past month, we’ve celebrated a number of face-to-face events, meeting in person for the first time in years. Our Western Cape training and NEC meeting at Automechanika reminded us just how good it is to interact without a computer screen between us, and we can’t wait to have more engagements. 

One such engagement is Motor Mech, recently hosted by our Eastern Cape region. It was a stunning success, doing much to showcase MIWA and expose potential artisans to the industry. 

We hope that you find this newsletter informative, inspiring and insightful.

Pieter Niemand,
MIWA National Director