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From the Director’s Desk, February 2022

Pieter shares his thoughts on MIWA’s evolution and progress.

It’s always exciting to see MIWA featured in Automobil magazine. This year, the feature included a profile on me – which meant that I got to answer some rather thought-provoking questions.

For instance, I had a chance to reflect on what I’m most proud of within MIWA. The answer was an easy one: I highly value the New Thinking Model implemented by RMI in 2017, which has made it possible for us to assist, support and educate our members using a national footprint of trained MIWA associations. I’m also proud of the digitalisation process that we’re currently rolling out, which will help to make our members’ workshops ‘future ready’.

Initiatives like this make it easy for me to guess where MIWA will be in five years’ time (another question I was asked): We will be positioned strongly as an innovative, sustainable, and fast-thinking association leading by example in the independent aftermarket sector of the retail motor industry; an association setting global standards with local needs and requirements in mind.

Admittedly, sometimes it seems as though goals like this are beyond us – especially when we are dealing with change, as we have done for the past two years. But the answer here is a simple one, which I have borrowed from Jim Rohn: Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better from change.

Let’s embrace the changes we have already encountered, ready ourselves for more, and keep chasing our dreams.

Pieter Niemand,
MIWA National Director