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Getting ready for e-cars

Although the take up of e-cars in South Africa has lagged behind the rest of the world, the country needs to prepare for an exponential increase in this sector.

At present, there are just under 1 000 completely battery operated cars in South Africa, along with 5 000 hybrid cars and slightly less than 500 plug-in hybrid cars. However, with predictions stating that the number of e-cars is set to grow exponentially in the next five years (helping South Africa catch up with the 60 million e-cars expected to be on the roads globally by 2040), the industry need to prepare. Not only do we have insufficient plug-in stations to support the number of e-cars which are anticipated; industry players are also concerned that mechanics are not sufficiently familiar with the components and service processes of e-cars. It is best to address these shortcomings now, before the industry is met with a massive uptake of these vehicles. In the meantime, government is paving the way by drafting relevant policy and working with industry bodies like NAAMSA to provide financial incentives for OEMs and consumers who embrace this technology.

In our next newsletter, we’ll look at what steps members should take to ready themselves for the growing number of e-cars on our roads.