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Getting the key of the door

Congratulations to T&D Servicing, which celebrated 21 years of doing business in March.

A twenty-first birthday is always a reason for celebration – especially when the business in question started off with little more than a toolbox, and has weathered such challenges as Covid and significant dips in the economy.

So, how has D&T Servicing managed to reach this memorable milestone? The workshop has a motto, explains Teresa Spenser-Higgs, MIWA Border Chairperson, whose husband started the enterprise: Skilled labour isn’t cheap, and cheap labour isn’t skilled. Guided by this ethos, the workshop strives to provide honest, reliable service at a fair price.

Today, D&T Servicing concentrates predominantly on vehicles with recently expired warranties, aiming to offer a home to customers who expect the same quality service they would expect from a dealer. The difference is that Theresa and her husband know every customer by name, developing relationships with them that go well beyond simply servicing a client. This was evident when the couple thanked their customer base for 21 years of loyal support with a discount balloon promotion.

Their advice to vehicle owners? Take care of small problems as soon as they occur so that they don’t develop into big problems, and remember that servicing your car at a reputable workshop every year will extend the life of your vehicle.