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Go gas: A welcome change for motorists

Are you ready to help motorists convert to autogas? If not, you might want to read this.

With petrol price increases placing severe strain on motorists, many will welcome the possibility of converting their cars to autogas. 

MIWA is proud to announce that Bogner Motor City recently became the first member – and, in fact, the first workshop in the country – to offer autogas conversions, with the team having undergone training to international standards and now ready to help motorists who wish to convert their cars to bi-fuel, running on both petrol and LP gas. The workshop is also able to do the full calibration and certify each installation with SAQCC and the LPGSA Association.

This change is set to help South African motorists save up to 40% when filling up their cars, with autogas remaining a highly affordable alternative. Added to this, gas-fuelled cars have a lower carbon footprint. The changeover is quick and easy, and in the case of corporate customers, may help companies earn a tax incentive. Importantly, engine performance is entirely unaffected by changing to gas.

Although this technology is fairly new in South Africa, it is a change that is certain to be welcomed, and many other workshops are sure to follow the trail already pioneered by Bogner Motor City.