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Grading and R2R sign-ups

There have been several workshops that received their grading certificates this month. We extend our congratulations to you all. There were also a number of workshops that signed-up in support of the Right to Repair Campaign. If you would like more information on how you can get involved in Right to Repair please speak to your local MIWA representative.

Here are a few workshops we caught on camera:

Automate – 4 Star grading

Automate 4 Star.jpg

GMP Auto – 4 star grading

GMP Auto 4 star.jpg

Right to Repair new sign-ups

Cliffies Auto Repairs East London

Cliffies Auto Repairs East London.jpg

Reno Service Centre

Reno Service Centre.jpg

Strictly Dynamics

Strictly Dynamics.jpg

Strictly VW

Strictly VW.jpg