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Help your clients make their car service experience a smooth one

Tips to help your customers get the most out of their service.

Clients are always on the lookout for an excellent experience, so taking the hassles out of their car service can secure them as a customer for life. Here are some tips that can ensure everything goes as smoothly as, well, a well-tuned engine!

  • Remind your clients that yours is a busy workshop. If they have a specific day in mind for the service (the day before leaving on vacation, for example), it’s a good idea to book the vehicle in well in advance so that they’re not disappointed. 
  • A car service is not a bumper-to-bumper repair, and it’s unreasonable for a customer to expect this if they’ve only booked a simple service. If there are additional faults, these should be pointed out and a special appointment made to address them.
  • Having all paperwork on hand – including the car’s history – saves time. 
  • Ask clients to top up their petrol before handing in the car, as you may need to take the car for a test drive to assess problems.
  • If your client suspects that there may be faults with the battery, check to make sure you have the necessary part available. If not (as is most likely to be the case), remind them to bring their own. That said, this is the only part that might be brought in. Inform your customers of the problems associated with supplying their own parts: for example, if you fit the part and a malfunction occurs later, it’s not fair to expect you to be held responsible for collateral damage. At the same time, if the part is not correct, the entire service will be held back.
  • Customers who wish to claim from their aftermarket warranty policy should be reminded to check the content of the policy and what it covers, claiming procedures, and policy provisions on parts. Don’t forget to warn them that they may be responsible for ‘strip and quote’ expenses if the claim is rejected.
  • Be sure to find out if the car has an aftermarket alarm system, anti-hijack button, or anti-theft wheel nuts
  • Keep customers updated about any problems you find, especially if these are likely to delay the return of the car.
  • Ask customers to fetch their cars as soon as possible so that they don’t take up space in the workshop.