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Introducing e-CAR

An introduction to one of the Top Tier sponsors of the Right to Repair campaign.

Behind every great movement is a great organisation lending its support. This is certainly true of the Right to Repair campaign, which has been assisted tremendously by the key industry players who comprise our Tier 1 sponsors. This month, we introduce another one of our Tier 1 sponsors, e-CAR.

The e-CAR mission is to provide the independent workshop with a substantial corporate identity, marketing, and business management concept, in order to grow existing businesses and provide a competitive advantage in becoming the motoring public’s first choice nationwide service centre. 

e-CAR, founded in 2004, is a growing workshop network across the width and breadth of South Africa as well as Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland. 

One of the major contributors to the success of e-CAR is the brand’s partnership with the Diesel-Electric Organization and preferred suppliers such as ATE, Bosch, Continental, Delphi Technologies, Elf, GUD, KYB, NGK, SACHS; as well as being fully compliant with the high standards required for RMI/MIWA and AAQA/AASA accreditations. 

The e-CAR network is proud to be associated with the Right to Repair as motorists can rely on aftermarket automotive service providers they can trust. e-CAR workshops fit only top quality parts which are supported by the Diesel-Electric Organization and preferred suppliers which are well-established entities in the motor industry. e-CAR workshop outlets provide complete diagnostic test solutions using professionally trained technicians and the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment. There is integrity in all transactions, including the added assurance of a national warranty and a free roadside assistance programme to provide peace of mind for motorists. 

Right to Repair is an important innovation for all South Africans, from small to medium businesses to the general motorist.