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Holts Tyreweld

Introducing Holts Tyreweld: quick convenience on the road

We love innovations that save time and improve safety. Discover the latest product that’s got us excited...

Each month we like to bring you news from one of the many specialists that we work with. This month we spoke to Jeff Stubbings from G.U.D Holdings about a product that just makes sense and that everybody should keep in their boot. The product is Tyreweld. The emergency puncture repair product is a quick and easy fix for punctures which gets you back on the road without even having to touch a wheel nut. 

Many is the motorist who has cursed a puncture that’s left them grappling with a jack on the side of the road, leaving them vulnerable while wasting time. And they’re the lucky ones: those who can’t change a tyre are in the unenviable position of driving with compromised safety until they can find assistance from the nearest petrol station or tyre fitment centre. 

That’s why Tyreweld, a quick, convenient solution to tyre punctures, is certain to be welcomed by all members of the motoring community. This emergency puncture repair system is easy to use, reinflating the tyre within seconds. Drivers need simply shake the can, screw the connector to the tyre valve, tear off the red security tab and turn the button to the ‘on’ position – and the can will empty automatically, filling the tyre with enough air to drive safely to the nearest fitment centre for a more permanent repair. Unlike competitor products, Tyreweld washes off easily so that repairs can be carried out immediately. 

Tyreweld is available in three sizes (small, medium and large), for all sizes of tyres.