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Introducing Movery

Find out more about Movery’s Ace System; a smart solution for collecting customer feedback.

One of the advantages of using a MIWA accredited workshop is, of course, the superior service offered. This is one of our promises to customers; however, we can only fulfil that promise if we are certain of the quality of our service. This is why constant assessment and evaluation are critical.  Ideally, we would like to encourage all workshops to include an independent Customer Satisfaction Index system. We believe this will substantially improve their chances of achieving a five-star grading score during the MIWA grading process.

The Ace System by Movery is available to make this task easier. This tool uses feedback gleaned from customers via WhatsApp to provide insight into their experiences. This feedback is saved in a monthly report, which includes customer satisfaction scores, fix-right-first-time rates, net promoter scores, and client-comment summaries.  There will be a monthly fee of R580 ex VAT for the tool.

Having reviewed and tested the system, the MIWA National Executive Committee is excited by its potential to help us manage client feedback efficiently. This is especially important in an era where negative comments on social media can severely impact attitudes towards a workshop: the Ace System makes it possible to find out about poor customer experiences, and address them before they appear on public platforms. 

If you would like to find out more about Movery’s offering visit their website or sign-up online by clicking here.