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Image by NeONBRAND, Unsplash

Is there a future for motor mechanics?

In a world where electric cars are the norm, what does the future hold for mechanics?

Our short answer is: yes. Even though electric cars are set to become more common, it’s also true that cars are becoming more complex – and so workshop technicians will always be in demand for fixing brakes, suspension, and the like. 

Diesel mechanics will also have a place in the increasingly computerised environment because their skills will remain necessary for marine diesel engines, fixed base diesel engines, and diesel locomotives. Mechanics will also be needed to work on medium and heavy vehicles, which always require maintenance due to the long distances they travel.

It’s also worth remembering that electric vehicles are costly and may be beyond the reach for the majority of South African consumers for some time, which means that the skills of mechanics will remain valid and relevant for some time to come. There is a caveat, however: all industry members must continue to invest in upskilling so that they are equipped to work on the ever more complex and advanced technology present in motor cars.