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Learn with Electude

Explore the offerings of the world’s leading e-learning training solution.

MIWA members are able to access Electude’s highly regarded e-learning training platform, utilising the Competency Based Modular Training learning method (CBMT), which offers programmes including Automotive Light Vehicle Level 1-4 (Petrol Mechanic), ARPL, and soon to be added Automotive Heavy Vehicle (Diesel Mechanic). Electude is the world’s leading e-learning training solution. 

MIWA members should have received a newsflash earlier this month regarding our new online training opportunity where you can access these courses by purchasing a license from the Electude website. Licenses cost R900 for each apprentice, are valid for one year, and are non-transferable. Contact admin@electude.co.za for information and assistance. We are thrilled with the take up from so many of our members. We really do encourage everyone to change to this digital platform. It really makes good business sense.

Photo: Fauxels on Pexels