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Learning more about MOTUL

Are you using MOTUL products to create more business for your workshop? Find out about the opportunities you might be missing here.

In our ongoing quest to improve members’ knowledge around key industry brands, MIWA Western Cape recently offered members the opportunity to attend a presentation hosted by Taki Bogiages, Business Technical Manager for MOTUL Southern and Eastern Africa.

Deon and Karen Goch, of Goch & Cooper Auto Services, kindly made the boma at their premises available for the event, which proved a valuable and informative session. Attendees left knowing far more about this long-established brand, from its history as the creator of the very first 100% synthetic lubricant for the automotive market to its growing international footprint, which covers 168 countries at present. Taki also discussed MOTUL’s exclusive in-house technologies (ESTERCore and Technosysnthese), as well as the company’s work with OEMs, which is a particular focus. In fact, MOTUL regularly has products tested by OEMs to ensure they are of the highest quality and are warranty compliant. The company also tests and develops products on the motorsport track, as conditions here are especially challenging. 

MOTUL is serious about helping workshops streamline their usage and save money, without jeopardising the lubricant. The company is always on the lookout for ways to improve product performance while minimising environmental impact, and its efforts have led to the development of a dedicated hybrid line, including a product that has an organic base oil derived from plant matter – the first company to achieve this.

MOTUL’s range of passenger car products includes classic lubricants, engine oils, transmission fluids, gear and differential oil, brake fluid, coolants, windscreen wash, additives, a car care line and electric/hybrid products for racing, and sport. The company also offers a heavy-duty line. 

Attendees learnt more about these products during the presentation, while also gaining deeper insight into technical issues such as types of lubricants and their purpose, the importance of viscosity and specifications, and the main components in lubricants.

Look out for MOTUL value adds, including the MOTUL website, which presents in-depth information on a range of related subjects; MOTUL EVO, the complete auto gearbox oil change; MOTUL School, which offers training in lubricant; and MOTUL Performance Services.

For more information on product training, contact Juan Wentzel, MOTUL Regional Representative in Cape Town: 082 823 6663 or j.wentzel@za.motul.com

Watch this space to find out more about technical sessions brought to you by MIWA as part of our drive to learn about products that may prove useful in your workshop.