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Magic memorabilia

Mary Roos’s laser-cut cars are a quirky addition to any workshop.

A workshop is a workshop is a workshop – right? Not if you have some fun and interesting décor to spruce it up. That’s where the beautiful laser-cut cars made by Mary Roos come in – they’re a great addition to any workspace.

Mary, who runs River Lodge on the banks of the Vaal River with her husband Jan, started Biki van Als as a hobby back in 2017 and was discovered by Peter Van Mosseveld. 

It all began when she decided to make a clock, using a jigsaw and a hand file. It took her a full day to create a perfect circle by hand – which is why she decided a laser cutter was a must for her toolkit.

It’s an unusual hobby for a granny of 55 – but, then again, Mary believes that anything is possible. It’s a motto that applies to her business, too, which is why she never hesitates when her clients ask her to make something specific, no matter how unusual. 

Not that it’s always easy, though. Mary admits that she has spent many sleepless nights trying to understand how to make certain items and that the initial three-hour CorelDraw programme just didn’t make sense.

Her perseverance has paid off, however. She has come to include a variety of materials in her offering, including wood, Perspex, vinyl, and leather, and as word of her products has spread, she has received orders from all around the country.

If you are looking for something special for your workshop or home or even a novel gift for one of your clients or suppliers you are welcome to give Mary a call on  082 872 6975.