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MIWA Magic moments

So many special occasions to celebrate.

We love celebrating your milestones and achievements! This month, we’re saying congratulations to:

5-Star Grading

RAC Workshop in Riversands, which has received a five-star grading.

Andrea Bogner celebrated the fifth anniversary of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this year

Andrea’s accomplishment is all the more noteworthy because she was a member of Kilionpurpose, a group tackling the mountain for a cause dear to their hearts – in Andrea’s case, raising awareness for abused children and animals. She says that reaching the peak of Africa’s Kilimanjaro mountain has taught her many things, perhaps most importantly the value of being rooted in the present moment – a lesson which becomes very clear when there are no luxuries or comforts (or cell phones) to distract you. Look at some of these magnificent memories from five years ago. She says one just cannot explain the journey unless you’ve been through it yourself but these incredible pics certainly give us a good idea. The bigger lesson for all of us is to look, and to be part of something that is bigger than yourself – definitely food for thought. 

Taking flight

After a celebratory flight to commemorate her tenth wedding anniversary was cancelled due to Covid lockdowns, operations coordinator Marcia Madiba has finally taken to the skies for the very first time! She says that, although she is due to fly to Cape Town with her husband later this year, she was very excited to experience her first flight as a MIWA representative at RMI’s KZN roadshow. So – how was it? Apart from having to wake at 3.30 am to make the 6:00 am flight, Marcia’s most memorable moment is asking the passenger next to her for help doing up her seatbelt. “It was the smoothest, quickest trip to KZN ever!” she says.  And we are guessing won’t be the last. We are never too old to experience firsts and to marvel at their wonder.

Eye-catching branding

Our branding is looking great! Check out this fantastic picture of Western Cape Chairperson Deon Goch and his wife Karen with our eye-catching collateral.

Uyilo 10th Anniversary Conference

MIWA’s Peter van Mosseveld, Jack Finn, and RMI’s IR specialist, Ross Simon, recently attended the uYilo 10th Anniversary Conference. With enlightening presentations from key players in the mobility space, this was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the future of fuels and energy.