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Maintaining motivation

It’s not an easy time for anyone. Here’s how to keep your motivation going, when when you feel like your tank is empty.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four months since the lives we knew all but disappeared. Since then, it’s been a battle for most of us to adjust to a new world where money is tighter, braais less frequent, and everything a little more difficult. If every day feels harder to get through, you’re not alone. Here’s how you can make the struggle a little easier – for you and your team.

  • Make work meaningful. Stress and anxiety are exhausting – which is why you feel tired even when you’re doing less than usual. Because you (and those around you) are low on energy, it’s tempting to cut things down to basics. But, surprisingly, that’s going to add to your frustration. Engagement is energising, so look for ways to make work more meaningful. For example, maybe you can introduce a campaign to focus on providing the most outstanding customer service. Alternatively, encourage staff to identify problems they perceive within the business, and suggest ways to fix them. Challenges are always exciting, so make each person feel that they have a way to contribute to the business.
  • Get personal. You’ve heard this before, but one of the worst fallouts of the pandemic is the emotional isolation we are all experiencing. Social get-togethers are still banned, and even when you have an opportunity to talk to someone else, masks and social distancing mean that our interactions aren’t as satisfying as they used to be. Check in with your staff to see how they’re doing – simply asking how everyone is getting on, or finding out what keeps them going when they feel like giving up, might ease some of the emotional strain.
  • Set goals for the business. This is a little tricky when the economy places severe constraints on how customers are spending their money, but having a vision to work towards may create a sense of purpose. It also sets up the opportunity to discuss with employees what impact you’ve made in the past week, and what you’re looking forward to accomplishing next. And that can give you the kick-start you need to move you forward.