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Ian Topliss riding in the Motocross Nationals 2016

Master of motocross

Read about how Ian Topliss is shaping the next generation of riders in South Africa.

It’s no stretch to describe Ian Topliss as South Africa’s motocross authority: not only is he the most recent recipient of the Golden Helmet Award (Motorsport South Africa’s highest form of recognition); but he’s also ensuring the next generation of contestants upholds the tradition of excellence. 

Ian’s motocross career started when his mother bought him a PW 50 when he was five years old. His love of the sport wasn’t exactly immediate – but it grew slowly and surely, along with a talent that would see him go on to win 11 national championships, regional titles, and the FIM Africa (previously known as the African Motocross Union) Championships. Racing highlights include winning double championships in the 125cc and 250cc senior classes in 1996 and 1997 respectively, representing South Africa at Motocross Des Nations in 1997, taking part in the MXGP in 2005, and completing the Veteran World Cup in 2017 before he retired in 2021.

His focus now lies on growing young riders in all areas: his training encompasses all aspects, from fitness to mechanical bike work and riding techniques for beginners to advanced riders. What’s more, he’s taking on riders not only in South Africa but also Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, and Namibia.