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MIWA joins hands with Sol-Tech

MIWA is helping one of South Africa’s established vocational colleges maintain its traditional of excellence. To find out how, click here.

Our goal of developing the next generation of highly skilled mechanics sees us joining hands with a number of institutions. Our recent partnership with Sol-Tech is a case in point. We recently visited this vocational training college, renowned for the high calibre of its training, to hand over a free license from Haynes Pro for Haynes Pro data solutions. 

The use of Haynes Pro is a vital step forward for the college, granting students access to technology that allows them to hone their skills in areas like diagnostics.

Sol-Tech was established in 2007, with the goal of improving the employability of South Africa’s youth through the provision of quality training in scarce skills. Today, more than 3 442 students have obtained Red Seal qualifications in trades ranging from electrician, millwright, fitter and turner, welder, diesel mechanic, mechatronic technician, auto-electrician, and tool and jig maker.

Sol-Tech’s Open Day in September 2022.