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MIWA Council

MIWA meets face-to-face

A report back on the NEC’s first in-person meeting in 30 months.

This month marked an auspicious occasion for MIWA’s NEC: the first time the council has met face-to-face in more than 30 months. 

The meeting took place on 4 March at Blaauklippen Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, and provided a platform for discussions around future strategies and how these may be aligned with the overarching RMI strategic priorities for the period 2022–2025, as identified by the RMI Board. The council further examined activities that have a direct impact on the day-to-day management of workshops, and the outcomes of these discussions were added to MIWA’s strategies for implementation. The meeting also provided an opportunity for service providers to offer feedback to MIWA members, on issues such as current service delivery and future developments.

Although we are fortunate to have the technology allowing us to meet online during the lockdown period, and we have adapted by embracing a hybrid model that allows for both face-to-face and online meetings, the success of this gathering is proof of the power of getting personal. We garnered some outstanding insights during the sessions, thanks to greater focus and fewer interruptions; not to mention our innate need to connect, react, respond and participate.