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Vehicle foot pedals - photo by Cottonbro on Pexels.

Money-saving tips for motorists: why taking care of your clutch is so important

Simple tips to prevent wear and tear on one of the most important parts in a vehicle – the clutch.

Given our current economy, most motorists are trying to save where they can – which means that cutting down on wear and tear is a major priority. Keeping the clutch in a good condition is key here and, while some factors remain beyond control (a motorist driving over rugged terrain or on roads in poor condition will have to replace their clutch more frequently than someone whose driving conditions aren’t as rough), there’s a lot that can be done to preserve this vital piece of equipment.

  • Avoid using clutch control to regulate your speed in heavy traffic. Rather, use the park brake while the car stopped at robots, keeping the car in neutral until it is time to pull off.
  • Allow the car to warm up before driving so that power transfers power from the engine to the wheels slowly.
  • Avoid using the clutch pedal while driving or when the car is stationary, unless necessary.
  • Keep the vehicle’s revs per minute as low as possible.
  • Make a quick transition when you pull off from a standstill.
  • Don’t try to pull off in any gear except first gear.
  • Avoid overloading the car. For example, pulling a heavy trailer will place strain on the clutch.
  • Where possible, avoid launching the car in areas that require extra effort, such as muddy conditions or up hills.
  • Keep the hydraulic fluid topped up with the brand recommended by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • Flush out the hydraulic system every 40 000 kms, or when you hear the gears grate during gear changes.
  • Fit a quality aftermarket clutch.
Car showing foot pedals – photo by Cotton bro on Pexels.