On This Day 117 years ago

The Third Annual automobile show held under the joint auspices of the Chicago Automobile Club and the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers at the Coliseum building opened at 2 pm. On the cover of The Automobile magazine from 1903, is an illustration of a husband and wife braving the chilly winds off of Lake Michigan as they drive to the Chicago Auto Show. This was the Third annual show held at the Coliseum, once located at 15th Street and Wabash Ave. A total of 325 machines from 80 manufacturers (four foreign) were exhibited with either gas or electric powerplants. An ad for the Seachmont Touring Car that ran during the 3rd annual Chicago Auto Show, promoted being in business for four years. Available in two models, the Seachmont had retail prices of $2,000 and $2,500. The Githens Brothers Co. were the Western agents for the Seachmont, with a dealership located on Michigan Ave. near the Coliseum.