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Our new CI: Everything you need to know

Our recently launched CI is a statement of our values and everything we stand for. Here’s how you can support us in conveying these crucial messages.

Did you know that there are 2 500 businesses under our umbrella? As you can imagine, when all of these units work together, we stand to make a significant impact – but, if each does its own thing, the power of our brand is diluted.

That’s why it’s so important that every business applies the Corporate Identity (CI) we so proudly adopted earlier this year. We believe that the CI makes a bold and strong announcement about who we are and what we stand for. When customers, and potential customers, see our distinctive signature colour and logo, they know instantly that they’re dealing with reliable, trustworthy professionals.

Of course, the power of this brand depends on consistent application. The more we all use it in the same way, the more we entrench our values and image. This is why we appeal to each member to be meticulous in how you apply the elements of our CI – from our logo to artwork – on every piece of communication to leave your office, including letters, email, signage, and posters. 

We’ve released some brand guidelines to help you through this process – if you have any questions about the application of our CI, you’re sure to find the answers in this comprehensive guide. Wilma has all the various logos housed centrally for your convenience.

Be meticulous in how you apply the elements of our CI by using our newly released Brand Guidelines manual.