Part 8. Automotive detailing with GLOZZ

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The Importance of correctly managing the exterior and interior surfaces of your vehicle in order to maintain not only appearance but also your investment.

Part 7 – The complete tool solution for shock absorbers!

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A Technical conversation about the correct tools to use and the tools not to use, when fitting shock absorbers. Also a brief technical overview of shock absorbers, how they work, lifespan and what they do for your vehicle.

Part 6 – Product Diversification in the Fitment Centers

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Discussing what other options there are for different products in the Fitment Centre Industry.

Part 5 – Talking about TORQUE


A discussion about TORQUE WRENCHES, what is a Torque Wrench, how it works, what is a quality unit, how best to use a torque wrench and how to maintain a torque wrench

Part 4 – Invest in Training – Enhance Profitability

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How the implementation of the “Skills for Profit” exercise has developed along with Project Delta. With a holistic approach to the correct use and maintenance of tools and equipment

Part 3 – Putting Professional Tools back in the hands of Professionals


A discussion on the merits of quality tools and what makes their quality standout, the importance of built in durability versus lifetime warranty.

Part 2 – Optimising available resources


Continuation of last week’s podcast on Achieving ultimate efficiency

Putting the system into practice

Part 1 – Achieve Ultimate Efficiency