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Positive publicity

A comment from a satisfied client on customer service website Hello Peter honours MIWA member Evergeen Motors. More…

A big congratulations to Evergreen Motors in KwaZulu-Natal. This MIWA member so impressed a client that he was moved to post a positive comment on Hello Peter, a customer service website. Thank you for flying the MIWA flag, Ravi and team! 

Excellent, honest and high-quality service from Ravi and the team at Evergreen Motors in Stanger

On 24 December while on holiday in Zinkwazi, my Mercedes Benz broke down and I was referred to Evergreen Motors. From the very first phone call, Ravi Komal was professional and courteous. After arriving at the workshop, Ravi made a point of first showing me the workshop. I have never seen a workshop so clean and tidy in my entire life! After investigating the cause of my car troubles, Ravi explained everything to me in detail and offered to provide me with at least three options for the repairs. The quote he provided was detailed and structured to allow me to easily compare the options while understanding the parts and labour costs of each option. He also provided me with honest and accurate advice on which option he would recommend. During the repair, Ravi kept me updated with photos and videos. Finally, when I collected my vehicle from Evergreen Motors, Ravi took his time to explain the invoice to me, with reference to the original quote. He also took the time to explain the vehicle diagnostics and performed some final checks to ensure that my vehicle was 100% ready for my trip back to Gauteng. The cherry on top for me was the phone call I received from Ravi on Saturday afternoon, 5 minutes after arriving back home from Gauteng, just to confirm that I arrived home safely and that everything was fine with my vehicle. Thank you Ravi and Evergreen Motors for your excellent and professional service, and the high-quality work you performed on my vehicle. I will definitely recommend Evergreen Motors to everyone.