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Photo: rawpixel.com

Power of giving and innovation

Even though times are tough there are so many stories of people inspiring us with their creativity and generosity of spirit.

It is easy to become disheartened with all the uncertainty and negativity in the news these days but, every day, we are reminded that there are some amazing people out there who are challenging the odds or opening their hearts in the spirit of giving. We’re so proud to hear these stories. Here are just two we thought you may like. Here’s a salute to their creativity and big-heartedness!

Delmari Kent of Stirling Auto Centre in East London has joined forces with a doctor and local councilor to create the Nahoon COVID-19 Support Group, which keeps the 470 families in the Nahoon-Bonniedoon-Stirling area up to date and informed of important developments during the lockdown. Delmari represents the local community policing forum, of which she is a member. “I’ve met amazing people from this group, but what really makes me happy is being able to help others,” she says.

Jason du Plessis is filling his time creating beautiful portraits of cars; a hobby he started with a drawing of his own car, an NKI Rabbit Golf. After posting a picture on Facebook, his inbox was flooded with queries from people asking him to do the same for them. Jason says he loves the process because it’s all about capturing the fine detail in the cars and how the design all comes together. His portraits cost R150 and can be ordered over WhatsApp: 065 939 9845.

Tattoo artist Jason Du Plessis is filling his time creating beautiful portraits of cars.