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Region in the spotlight: Free State/Northern Cape

The Free State/Northern Cape region has had one of its most successful years ever, in spite of the trying times. Read more about this accomplishment.
Dewald Ranft

This has been an incredibly successful year for the Free State/Northern Cape region, according to MIWA Regional chairman and MIWA Chairman, Dewald Ranft. This reflects in the region’s impressive growth, which may be its best to date – no small feat for an area that depends on foot traffic to support its businesses. This growth may have been prompted by the South African Police Services’ clampdown on businesses that are not registered with the required regulatory bodies; a development that has also helped to boost standards in the industry as set by the RMI and MIWA.

While this is very encouraging, Ranft admits that regional members still face significant challenges in the form of unregulated workshops. Although certainly not unique to the Free State/Northern Cape, this issue is “one of the most frustrating and financially draining challenges” it faces. Ranft says that RMI and MIWA continue in their efforts to ensure these workshops are compliant, approaching various departments for assistance and continuing to investigate new sources of aid wherever possible. Ranft is particularly excited about one such source, which has recently been uncovered. 

Another noteworthy development is the RMI’s acquisition of new office premises, which are both more accessible and easier to find. 

Bruno Burri, Swedo-Tech Service

Ranft applauds the region’s members for standing together throughout a particularly trying period. He singles out the efforts of Bruno Burri of Swedo Tech in Bloemfontein, whose talk show on Med FM has played a key role in educating consumers about the dangers of using a workshop that is not RMI-approved.

His predictions for the future? “The region can look forward to more and more companies wanting to become part of the biggest family in the motor industry,” Ranft says.