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Region in the spotlight

A look at the KwaZulu-Natal’s activities and highlights during 2020.

For the KwaZulu-Natal region, the greater emphasis on digitalisation ushered in at the beginning of the year proved to be a critical development – not only because the workshop hosted by MIWA, TEPA, and ARA helped to bring all three organisations together, but also because it laid a foundation which enabled the region to communicate with all members over online networks when the Covid-19 lockdown put paid to physical gatherings. 

Although many members are still getting to grips with a way of communicating that is unfamiliar to many, regional members were still excited to attend MIWA’s first online AGM.

While online communication will become less difficult as members start to feel more comfortable with it, the region is working to make sure that workshops improve procedures with regards to roadside mechanics, ensuring that there is greater adherence to OHS. This has been identified as one of the most significant challenges for the region.

In the meantime, KwaZulu-Natal has racked up some noteworthy achievements during the year, undertaking its first grading with Wipcorp. Special kudos go to Bavaria Auto in Durban, which scored a five-star grading. The region is also proud to have brought several new members onboard during a difficult year while existing members did the association proud with their ability to adapt to new circumstances and swift adoption of safety protocols.

Going forward, the region is looking forward to a time when members are able to meet in person again. Until then, it is helping members adapt to an online world by hosting workshops. More workshops are being held to educate members about the new grading process.

KwaZulu-Natal region thanks all members for their ongoing support, and wishes them a safe and blessed festive season.

Prinola Govender, Associational Representative and Dhaya Naidoo, Regional Chairman