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(Re)open for business!

Business may be slow for those who have recently reopened their workshops, but a number of factors may contribute to increased activity going forward.

Under the regulations of Lockdown Level 4, MIWA members were able to open their workshops to the general public, rather than servicing essential workers only. The reopening took place on 13 May, once workshop members had ensured compliance with new protocols such as strict hygiene and social distancing measures, as well as measures to ensure risk-adjusted trading. 

Although many workshop owners have reported a slow beginning to business, we are certain that this will gather momentum as lockdown regulations ease further and more people are allowed into the workplace. This month we all moved to level 3 and we are finally able to manage all repairs in our workshops.   We appreciate that this will take time to gather momentum. Business is likely to be driven by customers’ financial constraints. We do anticipate however that many consumers will be unable to replace their vehicles and this could lead to more work for our workshops over the next couple of months. 

In the meantime, the very nature of the workshop environment means that infection is unlikely: workshop premises are typically large and airy; technicians are accustomed to avoiding touching their faces; the space between work bays allows for social distancing, and there is minimal contact between incoming customers.  We appeal to everyone to maintain your strict hygiene protocols. Again we stress, just one positive COVID-19 case can close down your workshop.