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Replacing vehicle oil. Photo by Daniel Andraski, Pexels.

Return to reality: The post-holiday checklist

These simple actions can help your customers keep their cars in top condition long after the road trip.

While many motorists are aware of the importance of servicing their cars ahead of the road trip they may have scheduled for December, few know that a post-holiday check is just as vital.

Here are some must-dos for drivers aiming to keep their cars in shape:

  • Check on the date of your next big service. Failure to maintain a vehicle can lead to costly repairs and affect resale value.
  • Top up fluids like oil and water, as these may have been affected by your long journey. Fluids ensure the proper functioning of a car and contribute to better fuel economy and longevity, making this an important check.
  • Check on faults you may have become aware of during your drive, like windscreen chips or faulty windscreen wipers.
  • Make sure that headlights and brake lights are still in good working order.
  • Examine the brakes to ascertain how much capacity is left, and when you will need to replace them.
  • A long drive may have reduced tyre tread. Check tyres to ensure they are in good condition, or whether they need to be balanced or aligned.
  • Give the car a good clean so that you can inspect it for damage.
  • While you’re at it, make sure all paperwork is in order: are your license and insurance up to date, for instance?