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Right to Repair: The latest

South Africa’s support of the Right to repair position statement is certain to carry the movement forward.

We have been extremely pleased to see the response to Right to Repair in South Africa. With the South African automotive aftermarket employing almost 300 000 people and contributing 2.8% to the GDP, we have always been passionate about ensuring the sustainability of this industry – just as we are passionate about helping the owners of the country’s 12.7 million vehicles save money when it’s time to repair or maintain their cars. 

Right to Repair has been especially well received by drivers in suburban and rural communities, who welcome the choice and convenience it has facilitated. That said, it is vital to keep working to protect this choice, as automotive manufacturers the world over are seeking to block access to wirelessly transmitted vehicle repair and maintenance data – an action that threatens local economies and places the safety of those who rely on vehicles in jeopardy.

This is why MIWA has joined forces with Right to Repair South Africa and other global associations to sign the new Right to Repair position statement. This vital document explains the beliefs and objectives of the movement, laying out 10 best practice principles that ensure a framework that will enable members to uphold the highest standards.

We are very pleased with this development and look forward to seeing it strengthen our automotive aftermarket industry.

Read the full Right to Repair position statement here: https://www.right2repair.org.za/further-information/