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Photo credit: Safeline products page on G.U.D Holdings website

Right to Repair – Tier 1 Sponsor: Safeline – South Africa’s first choice in safety

This month, we learn more about Safeline Brake pads, another first-tier sponsor of the Right to Repair campaign.

Safeline Brake Pads are South Africa’s SAFEST brake pad, as proven by AMS Fade Tests carried out on competitor brake pads. These tests prove that vehicles fitted with Safeline brakes stop up to 10 metres sooner than competitor brands. 

Quality is the distinguishing factor of Safeline. This is verified by its E-Mark certification and SABS approval – the mark of guaranteed quality and reliability. 

Fitting Safeline brake pads on your customers’ vehicles ensures you earn their trust and loyalty by saving them money with a product that lasts longer, has reduced wear on brake discs, and keeps rims looking their best, without brake dust residue.  

Not only do Safeline brake pads boast superior stopping power, but they also have a specialised red layer called Safetrac, which enhances the bedding-in process.

Safeline Brake pads are also available through leading retailers and automotive parts distributors. The brand is backed by a strong sales and marketing team that are customer-focused and offer comprehensive product and branding support, which is enhanced by exciting promotions.

Since 2018, Safeline has actively supported the Right to Repair campaign to have independent aftermarket products and service providers gain recognition and entry into the servicing market, where vehicles are under warranty. We believe consumers should not only have the freedom to fit quality aftermarket brands to their vehicles at the workshop of their choice, but also have access to the technical information that validates the excellent quality of aftermarket parts made in South Africa. We are confident that independent workshops will begin to compete and grow to meet the new influx of informed consumers. Service providers and consumers can trust that product manufacturers, such as G.U.D. Holdings remain steadfast in their commitment to producing aftermarket parts of international quality and performance to support the growth of all role-players and the South African economy at large.

Safeline is a leading brand from G.U.D. Holdings.

Factory tour of Safeline Brake Pads.