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Photo: Robert Laursoo, Unsplash

Say no to looted tyres

As an organisation that upholds ethics, TEPA appeals to industry members to refuse fitting tyres that are supplied by customers without a valid receipt.

A number of tyre warehouses, tyre dealers and spares dealers were affected by the looting that took part in South Africa earlier this month, especially in KwaZulu-Natal. As a result, there are many people in possession of these goods, approaching tyre dealers and workshops to fit their ransacked parts. The Tyre Equipment Parts Association (TEPA) has put out an urgent appeal, asking workshop owners to protect the industry by refusing to fit any tyres or spare parts that have been supplied by customers, unless they are able to produce a valid sales receipt. This is especially important, as one of MIWA’s chief goals is to develop an industry culture of compliance. Members therefore must be seen to take a stand against the purchase of illegal goods. Instead, they should report such incidents to the local branch of the SAPS, and follow any instructions from the police that follow. TEPA’s Hedley Judd warns that the looting is likely to lead to a short-term shortage of stock.